General conditions

Article 1.
The passenger is obliged to be at the starting position or station to get on a bus that runs on the line, and that at its destination position came out of the bus. The traveler may enter or exit only at the position that has been provided in the timetable except in cases of force majeure.

Article 2.
All passengers must have a valid ticket you are bound to request driver or conductor controllers show. Tickets are valid for driving on the day / time indicated on the map. In case of loss, destruction or theft of the ticket (one way, return or any other ticket) passenger is granted to duplicate and passenger loses all rights acquired by buying the same ticket, except in cases of damage to the ticket in which the traveler can visualize the damaged carrier driving map. Passengers with special needs require staff my attention to the special needs prior to departure. To ensure proper performance of the carriage driving staff can relocate travelers regardless of the number of seats on reservations.

Article 3.
The traveler who wants to extend the same journey by bus and away from the point of view of validity of his ticket, he must report it to the bus staff attitudes before its original point of view the personal commitment. In the case referred to in the previous paragraph traveler topped the ticket to a new destination stop. If the passenger check-in staff running it wants to extend the same journey by bus and away from the point of view of validity of his ticket after the second stop of the registered timetable for additional charges relation to the other - an additional ticket.

Article 4.
If the traveler seclusion of fleet personnel in order not to pay the ticket or if the passenger is lost or in any way left without a ticket is required to driving or supervisor purchase a new ticket on the route on which you travel. If you do not know the passenger's initial stance, is charged ticket starting from the bus stop to the destination point of view of passengers.

Article 5.
If supervisors behold passengers on the bus without a ticket is entitled to collect the full fare from the point of view of where the passenger walked to his destination stop. If you do not know the passenger's initial stance, is charged ticket starting from the bus stop to the destination point of view of passengers. If a bus passenger caught with destroyed or falsified travel ticket or driving control staff will traveler such a ticket and take away the passenger to collect the ticket in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article, and may prohibit the same issue such tickets. A passenger who refuses to pay the ticket shall be expelled from, and if he refuses, driving or supervisory staff shall notify the nearest emergency police service.

Article 6.
For the unused return ticket the passenger is entitled to a refund. Of the unused return ticket the passenger will be worth it when deduct the amount of one-way tickets to the respective category and return the remaining amount. Traveler who returns unused one-way ticket to 1 hour before departure, will be paid the full amount of the ticket price. Traveler who returns unused one-way ticket after that time, will be paid the amount of the tickets reduced by 10%. One way ticket that was not used at the time of departure that is therein stated, it can be used later, provided authentication tickets in a busy office. So authenticated ticket is valid for departure, which is characterized in certification.

Article 7.
Passengers, customers of the Company at his own request with the issued ticket can get R1 bill of fare, which serves as a confirmation of the ticket price. Certificates of fare without production of a ticket is not issued.

Article 8.
During the trip, driving and / or supervisory personnel carrier may exclude passengers from traveling to the first station in the event that disrupts the General Conditionspeace and order in the bus, that endangers the safety of operations and staff my mind at work. In cases of expulsion from the previous paragraph has no right to a refund to the value of the ticket of exclusions to the destination station passengers, and the same shall be delivered to the accompanying baggage.

Article 9.
If a passenger gross negligence, willful or negligent contaminates or dirty bus, shall indemnify the amount of actual costs of cleaning buses.

Article 10.
A passenger is obliged to indemnify you as incurred through the fault on the bus, the bus station, bus station or other facility carrier.

Article 11.
The carrier is not liable to the passenger for damage caused by delay or interruption of the journey that has occurred due to objective reasons or force majeure.

Article 12.
Passengers on the bus with you can bring only one piece of hand baggage (personal belongings). All other luggage, passengers will locate the place provided for the transportation of luggage. Luggage map is free of charge. Each passenger is allowed in the price of tickets on the bus to enter only one piece of hand (less) luggage. Luggage is transported at the risk of the traveler, therefore, recommends that travelers valuables secure luggage through an insurance company.

Article 13.
Unaccompanied baggage designated recipient and the sender can not be taken on a ride. The sender shall arrange baggage at destination. The sender or recipient of the shipment are required at delivery or receipt to show an ID card and luggage are bound to pick up within 10 days from the date when the same is received at the destination. By the deadline of 10 days carrier / carrier luggage does not fit.

Article 14.
When transporting luggage carrier / operator is not liable for damage caused by force majeure.

Article 15.
On the bus will not be accepted:

- persons who carry firearms, except those who are authorized to carry firearms,
- people who suffer from diseases that endanger the health or safety of other passengers (infectious or mental illness),
- persons intoxicated persons under the influence of other drugs,
- persons without proper clothing,
- persons whose clothing may cause damage to passengers or vehicle,
- children under 6 years of age unaccompanied,
- animals other than animals referred to in Article 16,
- corpses, explosive and flammable things, smelly things like perishables,
- things because of its corrosive properties,
- things that can hurt, mar or damage the passengers, bus or other things downloaded on transport,
- cash, securities, valuables, jewelry and art,
- items whose carriage is prohibited by applicable regulations, and
- baggage mentioned in article 13.

Article 16.
Transport of pets is not allowed.

Article 17.
On the final positions of lines, staff shall immediately after the passengers inspected the bus and found things to be submitted to the authorized person of the carrier or the person authorized bus station or bus stop. When the bus station or position he finds a lost cause, an employee of the carrier or a third party shall waif deliver to authorized bus station or bus stop.

Article 18.
The authorized person referred to in Article 17 shall scrupulously inspect every waif and possibly find the owner, and locked, sealed or tightly related items authorized person shall immediately upon receipt of the open and identify their contents. If you find the owner of found things a person referred to in Article 17 of the same shall be called immediately to take the things that determine how to deal with the found items. When handing things property owner is obliged to under penalty of perjury to sign a written statement with a brief description regarding the content of things.

Article 19.
Expiry of 30 days from the date when the matter was found on the bus, at the bus station or the view from the obligation of carriers to deposit the same, and the carrier may waif sell, throw, destroy or donate.

Article 20.
Found money, securities, gold, jewelry or other things of greater value authorized persons specified in Article 17 shall be kept in the treasury of the carrier until the expiration of 30 days from the day they found the same.

Article 21.
To found out things without values do not apply the provisions of the General Conditions of Carriage, the authorized person referred to in Article 17 may determine that the same cast or destroyed.

Article 22.
The provisions of the general conditions applicable to the line and for the occasional passenger. By purchasing a ticket the customer fully accepts these General Conditions of Carriage.

Article 23.
These General Conditions of Carriage apply from 01 January 2014 An integral part of these General Terms and Conditions of Carriage and the existing price of tickets for regular services.